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Do you want to Gain TONS of Strength and Build a More Muscular Physique?
The kind of physique that busts out of your clothes

The kind of physique that makes other guys jealous

The kind of physique that forces the ladies to take a second look...

...If that's what you want,
You should keep reading
Matt Ogus
Strength and Muscle Building expert Matt Ogus finally reveals his offseason Bodybuilding program, which also helped him Deadlift 600 Lbs, Squat 500 Lbs, Overhead Press (STRICT) 260 lbs, and benchpress 320 for 10 sets of 3, all at around 190 lbs bodyweight. 
I've Got a Couple Questions for you...
Do you Go to the Gym?
Do you Lift Weights?
Do you spend hours in the gym, 3 or 4, or even 5 to 6 days a week?
Here's a BIG question... Answer it Truthfully
After all this hard work, after all this TIME,
Do you have the physique you want?
At this present moment...
Are you gaining Muscle and Strength at the rate you desire?
...or better yet, at the rate that you feel you deserve?
Be Honest with Yourself.

Is your Current Level of Strength, and your Current Physique (Literally, look at yourself, naked in the mirror)...


Is your Strength and your Body where you want it to be for the PRIME YEARS of your life?
So... Why don't you have the physique you want?
You might think:
"I have bad genetics"
"Everyone bigger than me is on steroids"
"I had this or that injury a while back"
"I just fell off the wagon for a bit..."
"I don't have time to spend all day in the gym."
"I don't want to become obsessed."
"I never had anyone to teach me"
You're not alone. We've all had these kinds of thoughts before.
I want you to imagine something...
Imagine you're in the gym...
Surrounded by your best mates, and everyone in the gym is watching...
Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to finally be able to squat or deadlift Four Hundred, or even Five Hundred pounds? (OR MORE?... The Sky's the limit)

Have you ever wondered how it would feel walking into a room, and everyone, without a shadow of a doubt, is thinking to themselves, "holy shit, this guy LIFTS. He HAS to be on steroids!"
  • You put in the work and show up consistently
  • You do research and try to be smart about what you do
  • You've tweaked your diet and you're eating "healthier" than ever
  • You're taking all the latest supplements to support your desire of gains
  • You constantly try new and different methods to keep the body guessing
  • Most importantly, You lift HARD AS F*CK
You're confused because you THINK you're doing everything right...
But why is it that your Lifts aren't going up anymore?
Why has your muscle-building seemed to STOP in its tracks?
If you're just an Average Guy like me (with average genetics), you can't just "Wing It" and get the strength or physique you want

And you sure as hell aren't going to make the gains you want by following 99% of the "Fitness Tips" you read all over Facebook and Instagram
Add pounds on pounds to your main lifts, each and every month, for months on end
This is the Goal
It's not about Rushing up to a new PR and then stalling for months on end, like normal

Forget looking like a typical powerlifter, with the big gut and small arms and shoulders that typically accompanies having a huge bench, deadlift, and squat
There's nothing wrong with looking like a powerlifter, but girls aren't particularly attracted to that look
We want to be as strong as powerlifters, but look like the bodybuilders of the golden era

With the V-taper, rock-hard muscles, an upper body that bursts out of your shirt...

and thick tree-trunk legs that force you to buy custom tailored pants and jeans

Oh... and to actually Be As Strong As You Look, not like most bodybuilders
The question is... 
How do we properly combine elements of powerlifting and bodybuilding and attain the incredible results you desire?

This photo is 100% Unedited... 

I'm Matthew Ogus and I know exactly what it takes to gain strength and muscle at the same time, well beyond my "newbie years"

I've been able to achieve a physique and level of strength that many people on and off of social media falsely assume that I'm "NOT NATURAL" 

Most people have absolutely no idea of what they are capable of.

I'm here to help you realize and experience your true inner potential
What Most People Don't Realize...
... Is that I understand and have been following key muscle-building principles, and I have a philosophy based on Systematizing the Muscle and Strength Building Approach.
Systems that have allowed me to continue making gains even as I near my 10th year of lifting weights.
Most other "Fitness Guru's" have nice physiques but can't lift for Squat (pun intended), and most of those who can lift some bigass weights usually look like sh*t (no offense of course)
I prefer to have insane strength, While sporting the Aesthetic Bodybuilding Physique at the same time. 
Just One Problem...
After I had milked my newbie gains, and done countless other workout and diet programs, I realized there was no training program that was perfect for me and my current goals

A few years ago, I was in a very similar position as you.

At a fork in the road, with two paths to take.
I finally knew my problem... Now I just needed to fix it
Easier said than done.
How could I train in a way that has me spending the right amount of time and energy Building Strength, and the right amount of time and energy building muscle in the places that needed it? (It's different for each and every one of us) 

How Heavy was "Heavy Enough" but not "Too Heavy" that would be PERFECT for building strength, without destroying my ability to recover? 

I had tried numerous other programs in the past... they worked then, but not anymore.

I began searching the internet, to either find or develop a workout program of my own that would do the job.

There are lots of good programs out there but they're usually good for powerlifting or good for bodybuilding. Never great for someone who is into both LOOKING and BEING Strong. 

While searching the internet, I discovered an underground Russian Squat program that a lot of Russian powerlifters had seen incredible results with
This Russian Squat Program was developed only for the Squat, and had a person doing Tons and TONS of squatting. 

But I wondered...
What if I took the sets and reps and percentages that this successful underground program has laid out for squats...
... and Properly incorporated it into a Hybrid Strength/Muscle Building Program?
I set out to create a program that would finally give me the best of both worlds
Using the Russian Squat Program as the foundation for the Strength-Building aspect, I developed a training cycle that utilized different percentages and sets/reps schemes to train my big lifts at a variety of intensities.

This Russian Squat Program utilized "Submaximal" training, which was lighter than how I previously trained to build strength.

Suddenly, I discovered something pretty crazy
You don't have to lift AT or even NEAR your One Rep Max all the time in order to gain Strength
In fact, lifting TOO HEAVY, TOO OFTEN, could be one of the biggest reasons you’re not gaining as much strength and muscle as possible
I also made another discovery,
The volume from just the Strength part of the program was high enough that it was giving me incredible muscle gains in my chest, shoulders, and legs
It really simplified my training for those muscle groups, and all I had to do was apply some bodybuilding training to the other muscles that I wanted to grow.

I started doing more curls, and more exercises that I used to think were "Unnecessary".
              Not a ton... but the right amount.

Not only that...

But after the first month-long cycle, I tested my strength and had made More Improvements In One Month Than In Multiple Previous Months
I didn't know...
I thought that building strength required you to train at or near your 1-rep max, and often...
I also thought that just a handful of lifts would build me all the muscles I could ever want.

Boy was I wrong.

All over social media; Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, people focused on strength were maxing out on a regular basis.

Nobody ever talked about "fluffy movements," like calf raises.

Doing stuff like working arms: Doing Curls, Triceps Pushdowns, Etc... was almost frowned upon.

"All You Need are the Big 3 Lifts" was an idea that was getting too popular for its own good
For years, I believed certain "Rules" of lifting weights
In reality, there are no "Rules" of lifting weights
What I thought were "Rules" were actually just a person's opinion, or a group's opinion.

For a while, I was too focused on RULES, and not focused enough on TRUTH.

Like many others, I was stuck inside a box, one in which I was limiting my own potential
"Don't Miss the Forest Aiming for the Trees"
The Real Problem was my own ignorance
For a long time, I attached myself to a certain group of lifters
This group of lifters had practically formed a global movement.

The thing is, this global movement actually helped a lot of people, especially beginners and lifters in their first couple years of fitness.

Don't get me wrong...

This global movement of minimalism is neither good nor bad. 

Because Here's the Kicker
It Really Just Depends on YOU!
But at this point in my training career, lifting how everyone else was lifting wasn't helping me achieve MY GOALS...
It depends on Your Goals, Your Current Level of Strength, Your Current Level of Muscular Development, Your Weak Points, and Your Preferences.

And I'll say it again...

It depends on YOUR Goals. 
The minimalistic approach is perfect for someone just getting started, or someone who only lifts for a "great workout".

It's perfect for someone just trying to maintain their current level of strength or muscle.

The minimalistic approach is the perfect contrast for people who like to over-complicate things.

For a long time I took a minimalistic approach.

I fell into a common way of thinking, based on how the "Global Movement" was lifting.

The thing with training,
 is that the more muscle you put on, 
the less gains you potentially have left to make...
And before beginning this program, I'd already been lifting for almost 8 years
Many People said that I had little to zero gains left to be made
Everyone thought that the only way I could improve was if I started taking steroids.

They said I reached my "natural potential."

One month into my new training program, and I had proved them all wrong.

6 months into my new Training Program, and I'm thinking...
The Ultimate Program for Strength and Size is Here...
Matt Ogus Proudly Presents
Inside Ogus753 you will discover...
  • The BEST Progression method for intermediate and advanced lifters looking to build the “BIG 4 LIFTS"
  • A full blown guide on how to Squat, Deadlift, Benchpress, and Overhead Press
  • Major Tips and expert advice for the big lifts
  • The Truth about building muscle, and how to lift according to your particular goals
  • How to Properly structure your overall training program to accommodate your circumstances and make the most of your time (or lack of) which you can spend in the gym
  • How to Progress on each and every lift, to ensure that you keep adding rock hard muscle onto your frame
  • The right rep ranges and set ranges to help you continue to add pounds of muscle onto your physique
I used this program religiously to take my strength to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL, while adding muscle. Watch this short video to see what I accomplished while using Ogus753
Ogus753 took me an initial 6 months to validate, and then another year and a half to make sure it worked with other people

Before releasing it to the public, I had to make sure that it would work with several of my exclusive private online training clients

So you want a bigger Benchpress, Deadlift, Overhead Press, and Squat?
Think about how much time you've spent on the computer doing research...
Reading article after article, and watching countless YouTube videos
Better yet, think about all the time you've spent in the gym
Think about how hard you've worked.

Think about all the times you've wondered, "Is this Sh*t gonna work?" 

Doing the work is hard enough, but you don't even know if the work you've done was worth it or not!

Now imagine a training system, a training philosophy that leaves no room for doubt.

If you do the work laid out, then you'll gain the strength and muscle you deserve, (in accordance to your genetics and your nutritional intake)
Ogus753 gives you the proper training program to reach your big goals, so that you can simply focus on doing the work, and doing it well.

Ogus753 will help you gain a better understanding of building muscle, so that you can approach the gym with clarity and confidence.
I'm also Giving you 3 Exclusive Bonuses!
Bonus #1: Ogus753 Excel Spreadsheet 
Training Programs

Most people don’t keep track of their weights.
               Big Mistake

To help you achieve your desired strength and muscle goals, I’ve created a spreadsheet so that you can keep track of what weights you’re hitting in the gym, and what waits you need to hit to continue making progress

  • 3 Different Versions of Ogus753
  • View and customize your Ogus753 training program via computer or mobile device
  • Easily change your training maxes if and when necessary
  • Keep track of lifts, force your muscles to grow
Bonus #2: Private Members Community

As valuable as the program itself, this bonus grants you access to the private ogus753 Facebook community.

  • Get help, ask for support, motivation, and give encouragement to others as you navigate through Ogus753

  • Post videos of your lifts to get form-checks from others in the community (An EXTREMELY valuable Bonus)

  • Be surrounded by like-minded individuals who work hard just like you and are interested in discussing intelligent training and nutritional approaches

EXTRA Bonus #3: Free Lifetime Updates
If/when new changes are made to the ebook or excel spreadsheets, you will be emailed a brand new copy of all of it, FREE!
Take a moment to consider this...
What would you have paid to get to where you are now, in half the time?

What if you could have had significantly better results for the time and effort you've put in?

Can you even put a dollar value onto that?
What if you had the strategy to finally get that next giant Personal Record that you've been striving for, or that physique that you've always wanted?

What's in this ebook could potentially help you do just that.

The program and philosophies in Ogus753 could enable you to reach the next level.

In fact, to get to the next level, My online clients have paid hundreds of dollars ($250 upwards to over $1200) for me to create training programs for them
Some of you may think that's expensive, but if all it did was help you increase your Max on Squat, Benchpress, Deadlift, AND Overhead Press, WHILE helping you add pounds of muscle onto your frame, would it be worth it?

If all this program did was finally give you clarity and confidence, allowing yourself to quit questioning your every action, would it be worth it?
This Book Contains an Advanced Training System
Designed Specifically to help you achieve your strength goals and to help you better your physique, simultaneously
I want to make this affordable enough that ANYONE can invest in themselves.

I'm not going to charge you $1200.

I'm not going to charge you $499, or even $249.

If you act now, you can get Ogus753, with all of these bonuses, for only $39
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Now, I know that may seem like a big commitment. The price is affordable but like any commitment, you are the one who is going to have to do the work.

And heck, I’m gonna break it to you, you may be working harder than you ever thought possible.

One thing I can promise you, is that if you follow the programming “to the T”, you’re going to get results.

The advice I give about training, hypertrophy, and program design will probably save you so many headaches and occasions for doubt and anxiety. 

But to take away all possible risk, and truly help you pull the trigger… I’ll let you take Ogus753 for a 30 day test drive.

All I ask is that you send me your filled out excel sheet and pictures to prove that you are in fact following the program, and following it correctly for those first 30 days! If so, I will refund you immediately! 

For the refund: Just send an email to “ogusfit ((at)) gmail ((dot)) com” within days 30 and 40 after your purchase, and I’ll refund you the entirety of your purchase.

Due to the digital e-book nature of this product, all other refund requests will not be accepted.
There are NO more excuse for not being able to get bigger and stronger.
This is the program that will help you reach those goals.

It’s already been proven to work.

…and it will work for you, too.
This is your Gateway to more Gains
I can only point to the door...
YOU have to go through it.
You can open the door, or you can let it remain closed.

If you want to go through that door… if you’re ready to discover what Ogus753 is all about, and if you’re ready to put in work and make serious strength and muscle gains
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I'll see you in the book!
-Matt Ogus
PS: Everything in this course is delivered to you instantly for download via email. (nothing physically shipped, so you don’t have to wait to begin!)

PPS: Remember, you have 30 days to test Ogus753 for yourself to see if it can help you build strength and muscle. I’m willing to take that risk, because I truly want YOU to achieve the results you desire, and I’m also 100% confident in Ogus753

As soon as you invest in Ogus753, you’ll get an email with instant download link to the program and excel spreadsheets.

Start making those gains today, while everyone else at the gym spins their wheels.
100% Satisfaction Gauranteed
If you’re not satisfied with Ogus753 after trying it for 30 days, I'll refund your payment! All I ask is that you send me your filled out excel sheet and pictures to prove that you are in fact following the program, and following it correctly for those first 30 days! (Refund Limit: 40 days after purchase)
Only $39
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